May 182006

Italian VersionLa versione italiana è qui: Feedrinse

Feed RinseSometime I still get surprised by the “web 2.0” services that continues to be launched every single day.
Feed Rinse is one of them… 😛

Many of you are using RSS feeds (of which I have talked about many times in this blog) to read blogs, follow information sites/portals and similar.
When you follow just a bunch of them there’s no problem, all it’s easy and fine …. BUT … if the number of feed you follow begin to grow, keeping up becomes hard and complicated, mainly because the signal to noise factor get polluted by “rumors”.
This happens because we, of course, maybe not be interested in every single post of a blog as we can not be interested in every single news provided by a news agency. So keeping away this “unwanted” information to someone becomes a prority to someone.
But, how do we achieve this?
Feed Rinse comes in help, giving us the chance to “filter” the RSS feeds of the information sourcers we follow, showing us only the type of articles that meets our criteria.

How does Feed Rinse work?
The concept behind it is really simple: we set up Feed Rinse with the RSS we usually follow (yes, we can import the eventual OPML file we have from exporting the feeds from another client), then we can go on and set the “filters” on the feeds we want to “lighten up”.
We, first of all, can decide if ALLOW or BLOCK the posts thet match our rules; rules that can be applied to:

  • post
  • title
  • body
  • author
  • tag

to permit an effective filtering of the contents. For example it’s possible, for a certain feed, only the posts that contains the word “giovy” and not show the posts that have a “politics” tag. And so on.
Once we have set out the filters for each feed we can export back all of them in a new OPML file (that we will import back in our default feed reader) and this time we will have a list “filtered” to our tastes. Obviously the filtering rules can be modified in teal time, following the needs of the moment. If your feed reader supports the function you can also generate an OPML Reading List.

How much does Feed Rinse costs?
Several “plans” are availables, each one with it’s limits and set of functionalities, trying to cope with the various profile of users.
There is a FREE (as in beer) plan that allow you to filter up to five feeds, a CHEAP one that allows the filtering of 50 feeds maximum and costs 1$/month, a PLUS one up to 100 filters and costs 3$/month and an UNLIMITED one which permits up to 500 filtersand costs 5$/month.
From the CHEAP plan on, is also active the possibility to filter the feeds using Regular Expression and it’s availble a filter on “trivial” content.

To test the service I’ve activated the FREE plan and I must admit I am satisfied with the functionalities and effectiveness: I’ve made disappear from the ANSA and Repubblica feed every article with the words “prodi” and “berlusconi” in the bodies and title… 😀

Translation by Nicola “kOoLiNuS” Losito.

  8 Responses to “Feed Rinse – English version”

  1. :mrgreen: non ti conviene scriverlo sullo stesso post e/o creare una pagina ad hoc? “stona” (almeno per me) vedere due post uguali anche se scritti in lingue diverse…lo soooo sono una rompiballe!

  2. ah, ps: non mi è arrivato nulla 🙁

  3. @ Fulvia: ho pensato ad entrambe le soluzioni che hai proposto, ma sinceramente non mi piacevano “stilisticamente”.
    Scrivere tutto in un unico post l’avrebbe reso immensamente lungo, rispetto agli altri nella pagina.
    Creando una pagina ad hoc mi sembrava di “ghettizzare” gli articoli in inglese, non dandogli la stessa dignità degli altri.
    Ho quindi optato per scrivere un post diverso, evidenziato da un diverso colore di sfondo (e non immagini i problemi, per evidenziare quel singolo post in modo diverso…) 😉
    Ora ti rimando la mail con il link per il trackback, che comunque è presente sotto il pulsante di invio commento… 😉

  4. Bello, molto bello il multi lingua!
    Ma nella mia ignoranza mi sembrava che io prendesse sempre la I maiscola, anche quando in mezzo ad una frase… Non funziona più così?

  5. (e non immagini i problemi, per evidenziare quel singolo post in modo diverso…)

    Giusto una mezzoretta… 🙄

  6. @ emptyspiral: thanks, sono felice ti piaccia… 🙂
    Per la I maiuscola: hai ragione, non c’ho fatto caso nel creare il post…
    Corretto, grazie per la segnalazione… 😉

    @ davidonzo: non saprò mai come ringraziarti abbastanza per tutto ciò… 🙂
    Sei diventato il mio “guru” di WP… 😉

  7. posso permettermi una piccola correzione?? —> I’ve make disappear from the ANSA and Repubblica….quell’ I’ve make andrebbe sostituito con I’ve made…tutto li 😳 😀 😆 😈 :mrgreen:

  8. @ Claudio: vero… corretto, grazie della segnalazione. 🙂

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